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Wow. Go see it if you haven't!
You guys are the bomb diggety. Thanks so much for all the birthday messages. It was a very nice thing to come back to work and see.

DEATH HUG TO YOU ALL! :icondeathhugplz: =p :D
So this weekend I plan on attending this:

Should be really awesome. A nice alternative to the evil rattler roundups.
Hey! I just like to share, every now and then, some webcomics I read regularly and enjoy. So here are some right here. Check them out, see what you think.

Bad Blue Pen is a very well drawn comic by a lady guessed it...draws all her comics with a blue pen. Good stuff. She's definitely a pro:

Mateys is the story of a pirate with a ninja roommate. Need I say more??

Armless Amy is not for the squeamish. It's a horror story about a little girl with no arms who has some very odd friends (and foes).

Batty is a comic drawn by a good pal over at Comicfury. Batty's a pet bat that belongs to Ghoulie, a vampire. Batty is (for lack of a better term) bratty. =p

Crimson Rabbit is an immature, dopey manchild a superhero who lives with his mom. CR has a cat sidekick who is much smarter than he is.

Slackmatic is (in  the author's own words, because my description would not do it justice): "a comic diary with monsters and aliens and Gandalf and Darth Vader and a lava man from the center of the earth and me."

And there ya have it! My Picks for Right Now! I have really been finding some good comics over at Comicfury. Also, of course, all mine are over there too:…
Or as most of you know her: Laura Ingalls Wilder. I have to say that awesome gal made my childhood much more enjoyable. I read the books, I watched the TV show. Just had to do a little shout out there. A cartoon could happen some day too.

If you are a Half Pint fan, check this out. These guys are a Little House of the Prairie tribute band.…
Hey guys.

I'm sure most of you have been asked this before (or something similar):

"Aren't you afraid someone is going to steal your ideas, posting them on the internet like this?"

So what is your take?

I like sharing my stuff with people. I love interacting with you guys, getting feedback on my stuff. I could sit in my room and draw these comics and never show them to people, but I feel like a big part of art is sharing it with the world. Now, that's just one person's opinion, understand. I just can't see hiding all my stuff away in constant fear that someone is going to steal my ideas. I know it's a huge risk, but life's full  of risks. I have been doing this for years, and posting on the internet for at least 11 of those years, without any major problems. The extent of my problems would be something like a person using one of my comics on their site without permission. When that happens, I just ask them to kindly post something giving credit for the piece. I don't ask them to take it down, and everyone that I have dealt with on this issue has been cooperative so far. I know you can't catch every single person that does this. Again, a risk I choose to take.

I'd like to think that my work is recognizable enough that people would be able to tell if someone ripped me off or flat out copied my picture (the latter did happen, it was just a kid that posted it on Facebook, I didn't get my knickers in a twist about that. And in that case it was a friend of mine who spotted it and alerted me to it). So there you go. It was recognized as my style.

I know many of you have thoughts about this, some of you probably have official copyrights, even. Just thought I'd get your take. Obviously a lot of you don't seem to worry about this much, or you wouldn't be posting your work on here.

I'd also like to think that our archives of work being on here with dates would provide sufficient proof that it's our work, at least to some extent. It also says "copyright (c) (year)(artist's handle)" on our submissions. And DA's copyright policy states what that really means here:…
That's it. :D
Have a great 2015. I am back and I am ready to get my art on!
Hey! Just a heads up that I will be scarce for the next sixteen days or so. I'm planning to kick back and relax in my Cadillac with a Big Mac during the holidays. Well, okay, minus the Cadillac but possibly the Big Mac. Damn. Now I'm hungry.

Anyhow. I won't have internet access (I don't have it at home. I know, I can hear the gasps loud and clear. I got my reasons). Well, I may have it some of the time, like if I visit someone and can hitch onto their wifi or whatever. SO I may pop in a few times, just to check out the art here. But I most likely won't be posting anything again for awhile.


So...have a great holiday everyone, whatever you celebrate!

Hey watchers and watchettes!

I wonder if you could do me a favor. Leave, in my comments section if ya would, where you are from and how you found me. I was just curious.

Thanks in advance for your time! :)

You guys ROCK!! :headbang:
Hey, I just noticed that I'm up to 562 watchers. WHOOOOA O____o
Anyhow, I wanna thank each and every one of ya for that. You rock! Thanks for reading my comics and looking at my art dudes n' dudettes! I shall keepeth it coming. :nod:


Guys, this site is the bomb-diggety if you are looking for a LOT of free fonts. It's also nice cause it categorizes them into genres...

Just a heads up there in case you don't know about it. :D
I just returned from Colorado. This summer has sucked so much that I decided to take a trip out there to clear my head and find my center....sorta decompress. Well, my Mom has had a sh*tty summer too, so my Dad and I talked her into going with me! We had a blast. Heck, that isn't even a big enough word. My mom is my best friend. We always have so much fun together, and I have always wanted to take a trip with her. We visited the Great Sand Dunes, Taos, New Mexico and several museums, including one of my absolute favorites, the Sternberg in Hays, Kansas. If you dig prehistoric stuff (literally and figuratively) then you would LOVE that place. Very cool.

So I am on a high still, and feeling great. I also came home to a totally unexpected thing: five baby snakes that my garter snake had while I was gone! For those who don't know, garter snakes give live birth rather than laying eggs. So Carter the Garter is definitely a girl. And the babies are adorable. I'll probably post pictures soon. I haven't gotten them to eat yet, but I'd like to raise them if I can get them to.

Maybe this year is finally looking up. :D
For those of you on it, that are friends there (and here) I am leaving Facebook. Just a heads up so you don't think I dropped off the earth. :)
Hey, anyone who is a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fan! I have started a new group here (think it's about time there is a group like this): CSNY Fans.

So if you have CSNY related art or know any fans, send them here:
Summer of 2014, I dub thee Summer of Suck.

Yeah, let's start this thing on a positive note. =p Seriously though, wow. It started off with one of my best friends' mom dying, my boyfriend's mom died...then things just seemed to snowball from there. My grandma, who is 87, was in a severe car wreck where she was t-boned by a dually pickup truck (that's like a super macho truck, btw) pulling a fifth wheel. While she was in rehab, my Dad went to the hospital with chest pains. Not his heart, so they sent him home after two days. A day later he was back. Gall bladder tests, tests for possible blood clots in the lungs, then they finally found out what it was. Two ulcers. Not serious, thank dawg, but man. I have been spending a lot of time visiting people in hospitals lately...

Here's the cherry on the sundae: my boyfriend came home two days ago and announced that his boss had just fired him. He had worked that job for 15 years, and worked his ass off at that. For chump change. No real good reasons were given for his termination, either...apparently some places don't have to have real good reasons to fire someone, y'know?

So anyhow. Yeah, sounds like a bad country western song or something. Comic work and pretty much any artwork have come to a standstill, obviously. My boyfriend is a broken soul right now, always on the verge of tears. At this juncture, he's past shock and just has now sunk into a deep blue funk. I will be spending most of my time trying to help him through this.

What is it with me and summers, anyhow? I seem to remember a time long ago when I looked forward to them, now I just dread them.
You gotta see this. Thanks zillions, :iconsimplecomics: !!

SC Movie Trailer #3 - Composerz by simpleCOMICS
You can't fix yourself by breaking someone else.
A friend of mine on here got this message from another friend recently.

Hey, everybody. I'm writing this to warn y'all that there's an unidentified imposter running rampant on DA, stealing from other users to create fake accounts, just to destroy others. He creates accounts using your name and starts to troll and insult your friends, forcing them to block you or having DA unfairly ban you. So be careful, if this happens to one of your friends, do NOT block it without investigating first to see if that attack really comes from your friend, and report that fake account, proving that it's an imposter and not your friend and to avoid true accounts being unjustly banned. Just to let you know, I am NEVER getting a second account, so if you find another with my name, warn me as soon ASAP, please. Thank you very much."

Even knowing that DA cares for things like this to not occur, it's always good to stay alert.

In case someone is out there doing this, I figured it should be passed on. And as it says above, I have never, and will never, get another account here on DA nor will I ever change or alter my user name. If it isn't from hankinstein, it isn't from me.

I do run two groups (JE Fans and AntPeople) too, but I don't think they're preying on groups in any least not yet.

Also know I will NEVER, EVER insult anyone on DA, period. Not in the comments, not in your inbox. If I get anything nasty I might respond, and I can't promise it will be in the nicest way. But as for starting fights/drama/any other crap, that will never be me. I will never instigate it.

That is careful out there.
Wow, it seems like I have had a surge of new readers in the past few weeks. Thanks everyone who dropped in to read the comic, I can't ever tell you enough how much I appreciate your comments/feedback.

To those worried that I've quit or am going to quit on it: NEVAAAAAH! (Don't worry, I may be slow at getting pages up, but I will never quit on it, so don't lose any sleep guys). :3

Anyhow, you are awesome, thanks again, and yer all peaches, really!!